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enhanced combustion improves fuel economy increase engine power reduce emissions

The Technology

Diesel burns slowly and incompletely resulting in fuel wastage and carbon build-up within an engine. Over time the accumulated carbon reduces engine performance, increases emissions and impacts fuel economy. Carbon build-up can cause problems such as engine malfunction, rough idling and hard starts.

Passing an electric current though water with added electrolyte causes an electrochemical reaction that separates the water into the hydrogen and oxygen, or hydroxy gas. Adding a small but precise amount of hydroxy gas to an engine’s combustion process causes fuel to burn faster, cleaner and more completely. The process is managed using mechanical and electronic control technology.

This enhanced combustion improves fuel economy, increases engine power and reduces emissions.

No chemicals are used in this process. Hydrogen is not stored on the vehicle, does not emit toxic or carcinogenic fumes and the gas dissipates quickly. Hydrogen will not harm the engine.

Hydrogen enhanced combustion is not new. It has been tested and proven to be effective for more than 50 years. HYDROFLEX has combined this public domain technology with proprietary improvements to produce practical, efficient products that are superior to others on the market.