Hydroflex Systems

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The Hydroflex System

Hydroflex is an onboard aftermarket system providing immediate benefits for internal combustion engines and is available in the following sizes:

For up to 16 litre engines such as as commercial trucks, large marine vessels, buses, engine driven power generators and heavy machinery

For up to 4 litre engines such as refrigerated containers and trucks, delivery vans and cars

Hydroflex Custom
Custom built to suit the smallest cars to the largest engines available on the market today

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About Hydroflex Systems

Hydroflex systems are fully automated, only requiring refilling with water approximately every second refuelling. If the water tank runs dry the system simply stops delivering benefits. The dash display indicates normal operation and when attention is required, like water refill.

A small amount of power is required by the Hydroflex system, which is provided by the engine’s electrical system. Hydroflex turns off when the engine is off and has an independent on-off switch if isolation is necessary.

Housed in a strong outer casing, Hydroflex installs on the side of the vehicle or equipment, in the tray or interior, behind the driver seat or where space allows. The lockable door provides complete access for easy maintenance and inspection. Installation by any qualified auto or diesel mechanic takes an average of three hours, requiring minimal time off-road.


  • Bespoke, scalable systems that can be uniquely configured and optimised to any engine, transmission or fuel delivery system available on the market today

  • Unique tank design that eliminates the chance of hydrogen explosion

  • The Hydroflex electrolysis unit does not contain stainless steel – the use of stainless steel in an electrochemical caustic environment can leach the carcinogenic substance, hexavalent chromium

  • Significant reduction in seven types of emission: soot, ash, nitric oxide (NO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2) and non-methane hydrocarbons (NMHC) including benzene (C6H6)

Why Choose Hydroflex

Hydroflex systems are practical, safe and efficient – superior to others on the market.

  • No dismantling or modifications to the engine or engine settings

  • Installation and maintenance by your nominated technician

  • Suits fleets of any size

  • Transferrable to other vehicles

  • Money back guarantee and comprehensive warranty program

  • Manufactured in Australia using high grade components

System Components

  • Master control module monitors five operational parameters and adjusts hydrogen delivery according to engine demand

  • Dash display reports ‘out of bounds’ conditions to driver

  • Water tank design ensures constant ratio of water to electrolyte, providing even gas production

  • Temperature regulation system enables immediate gas delivery in under 30 seconds

  • Welded, threaded connectors

  • Certified industrial stainless steel tubing