D-Carb Systems

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clean carbon from components fuel injection combustion chambers oxygen sensor valves and pistons catalytic convertor

The D-Carb System

D-Carb is a portable system that removes carbon build up from all engine types, restoring performance. Performed as part of annual vehicle servicing, D-Carb will improve horsepower and torque and reduce fuel consumption, pollution, hesitations, hard starts and rough idling.

How does it work?

  • Warm the engine and connect the hose to the air intake

  • Turn on the unit, letting the engine idle for at least 30 minutes depending on the amount of carbon build-up on the engine

  • Rev the engine every 10 minutes to clear loosened carbon from the engine

The resulting gases exit the engine via the exhaust system, cleaning carbon from components on the way out, including the fuel injection system, combustion chambers, oxygen sensor, valves and pistons and catalytic convertor. Harmful emissions are sequestered and are not released into the environment. To enquire about D-Carb or find a dealer near you, click HERE.