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About Hydroflex

HYDROFLEX is an energy sector company that specialises in the delivery of innovative hydrogen enhanced combustion solutions. The company designs and distributes systems that deliver cost savings and emission reduction benefits for a global market of internal combustion engines.

With a world-class research and development program that exceeds industry standards, HYDROFLEX delivers ongoing innovation in the green energy space. Recognised by industry leaders for its performance, quality and dependability, HYDROFLEX’S hydrogen enhanced combustion systems are designed to reduce global dependence on fossil fuels.

HYDROFLEX provides truly bespoke, scalable systems that can be uniquely configured and optimised to any internal combustion engine in use today.


Matthew Bailey Appointed to Board of Directors

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Matthew Bailey [...]

Hydroflex significantly reduces engine emissions

HYDROFLEX technology is a pre-combustion treatment, reducing emissions before the [...]

Founder, Richard Connors

Recognising Hydrogen as the most abundant chemical substance in the universe, Richard first explored the exciting potential of hydrogen power during the notorious fuel shortages from the early to mid-1970s. Ever since, he has been a pioneer in the developing field of hydrogen energy systems.

In 2008 Richard formed a research and development company that identified a significant demand for hydrogen enhanced combustion systems for cars, trucks, boats, stationary generators and truck refrigeration units.

Producing the first proof of concept prototype in 2010, Richard went on to test the benefits of hydrogen enhanced combustion in real-world situations until 2014 with continuingly positive results. These products are now manufactured in Adelaide, Australia, and exported worldwide.

Richard has over 30 years experience in a variety of disciplines including Apache helicopter research and development, manufacturing processes, industrial design, software engineering and advanced process improvement techniques. He has several inventions to his credit including a pneumatic wrench that saved Atlantic Richfield’s Houston Refinery US $6.0 million and the first hands free, voice controlled hospital sonagraph machine in the United States.

After searching the world, Richard relocated the business to South Australia in 2016 recognising its world-leading offering of industrial talent, suppliers, business resources and government support for innovation.

Hydroflex Founder Richard Connors